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Carbon Dynamics in Vegetated Coastal Communities of Cádiz Bay (CADYCCO)

The CADYCCO project aims to evaluate the carbon dynamics in vegetated coastal communities and elucidate their contribution to the blue carbon stock and sequestration rate in the Cádiz bay (southern Spain), a shallow coastal area co-habited by different vegetated communities. The specific objectives are:

Quantify the sedimentary carbon stocks, the sequestration and remineralisation rates in vegetated communities of Cádiz bay, in particular in intertidal (Zostera noltei) and subtidal (Cymodocea nodosa) seagrass meadows, lower salt-marsh (Spartina maritima) and subtidal algae meadows (Caulerpa prolifera).
Integrate the available data on carbon fluxes and stocks from previous works with the sedimentary carbon stock and rates to create a carbon budget model (a processed-based model) for the vegetated areas of the Cádiz Bay.
Estimate the contribution of coastal vegetated ecosystems in Cádiz Bay to global change mitigation through carbon sequestration, by calculating stocks and sequestration rates at the bay level using spatial models (InVest).
International team members:

Luis G. Egea, Fernando G. Brun, José Lucas Pérez-Lloréns and Ignacio Hernández from EDEA group, Cádiz University, Spain.

Rui Santos from ALGAE group, Centro de Ciências do Mar do Algarve, Portugal.

IP: Rocío Jiménez-Ramos in coordination with Carmen B. de los Santos