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Postdoctoral researcher at Cadiz University with a project about seagrass meadows, carbon dynamics and food webs.
Cádiz University (UCA), Spain
Research Experience
PhD student (2013-2017). Advisors: Dr. Juan José Vergara and Dr. Fernando G. Brun. Conducted PhD thesis about herbivory on seagrass communities. I worked on mesocosms and fieldworks experiments to evaluate the role of leaf strategies, plant reponses and effects of abiotic (i.e. temperature, acidificacition, eutrophication, hydrodynamic) and biotic factors to seagrass grazing. Conducted experiment to study the eutrophication effects on Cymodocea nodosa communities in two consecutive years. Co-authored a paper on the first study that revealed the inhibitory effect of ammonium on phosphate uptake in seagrasses. Co-authored of several works about carbon metabolism and dissolve organic carbon on coastal communities in Cadiz bay. Conducted experiment to examine the existence of and internal plant clock leading to leaf loss using a biomechanical analyses.
Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), The Netherlands
Research stay (July 2014-Ocotber 2014)
Race-track flume experiment about hydrodynamic effects on feeding rates and swimming behaviour of seagrass mesograzers. Controlled mesocosm experiment to asses the hydrodynamic effects on carbon metabolism and dissolved organic carbon in seagrass communities. Guest researcher (August 2011) Mesocosms experiment to gaining insight into the mechanisms controlling the availability of resources for filter feeders inhabiting seagrass canopies, both from physical and biological perspectives. Fieldwork to address the effects of variation in vegetation complexity on associated macrobenthic infauna with respect to abundance, species richness, composition, weight and body type.
Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste (CIBNOR), Mexico
Research stay (March 2015-June 2015)
Fieldwork to study herbivory responses on Halodule wrightii communities in the Protected Natural Area of Caleta Balandra (California Gulf).
Centro de Investigaciones Marinas (CICIMAR), Mexico
Research stay (March 2015-June 2015)
Field experiments evaluating carbon sequestration capacity and dissolved organic carbon fluxes on Halodule wrightii communities in California Gulf.

IP - Using UAS and BRUV’s for recognizing the value of seagrass meadows for food security in the Natural Park of Cádiz Bay (SEAFSEC). 2021.
Participant - A new invasive algae in the Mediterranean: invasibility, detection and eradication of the tropical alga Halimeda incrassata (INVHALI). This project has been financed by Fundación Biodiversidad. 2020-2022.
Participant - Dynamics and accumulation of coastal microplastic in seagrass communities: exploring the ecosystems of the Spanish coast (MICROFAM). 2020-2022.
Participant - The role of global stress factors in the carbon metabolism and production of dissolved organic carbon in benthic shallow communities (PAVAROTTI). CTM2017-85365-R. 2018-2020.
Participant - Preliminary study of the structural complexity of the rhizome-root (rhizosphere) of benthic marine macrophytes in infauna biodiversity, and its effect on dissolved organic carbon (DOC) fluxes and carbon sink. PR2016-095. 2017-2018.
Participant - Carbon Production and fate of seagrass in Cadiz bay (PRODESCA). P12-RNM-3020. 2014-2017.
Participant - Seagrass feedbacks and trade-offs: the cost of living in the aquatic ecosystem (Sea-Live). CTM2011-24482. 2012-2015.
October 2018 - I Congreso de Jóvenes Investigadores del Mar. Campus de Excelencia Internacional del Mar (CEI·MAR). Cádiz (Spain).
Poster: “Influencia de las propiedades foliares, la hidrodinámica y el cambio global en las interacciones entre angiospermas marinas y sus consumidores”. Authors: R. Jiménez-Ramos, J.J. Vergara, F.G. Brun.
Poster: “Dinámica del carbono en las comunidades vegetadas costeras de la bahía de Cádiz (CADYCCO)”. Authors: R. Jiménez-Ramos, L.G. Egea, F.G. Brun, I. Hernández, J.L. Pérez-Lloréns, C.B. de los Santos.
Poster: “Efectos de la acidificación oceánica y las condiciones hidrodinámicas en el metabolismo del carbono y flujos de COD en fanerógamas marinas”. Authors: L.G. Egea, R. Jiménez-Ramos, I. Hernández, T.J. Bouma, F.G. Brun.
October 2016 - XIV Congreso de la Asociación de Investigadores del Mar de Cortés y VII SImposium Internacional sobre el Mar de Cortés (AIMAC). La Paz (Mexico).
Oral communication: “Variabilidad en las respuestas a procesos de herbivoría en parches de Halodule wrightii con diferentes edades de colonización”. Authors: R. Jiménez-Ramos, C. J. Pérez-estrada, L. G. Egea, E. F. Balart, J. J. Vergara, F. G. Brun.
Oral communication: “Metabolismo y flujo de carbono orgánico disuelto en parches de diferentes edades del pasto marino Halodule wrightii”. Authors: L. G. Egea, C. J. Pérez-Estrada, R. Jiménez-Ramos, S. López-López, E. Morales-Bojórquez, I. Hernández, F. G. Brun.
Póster: “Cuantificación de la productividad primaria de Halodule wrightii en el área natural protegida de Balandra, Baja California sur, México”. Authors: C. J. Pérez-Estrada, L. G. Egea, S. López-López, R. Jiménez-Ramos, F. G. Brun, E. Morales-Bojórquez, R. Rodríguez Estrella.
July 2016 - IX International Congress on University Teaching and Innovation (CIDUI). Barcelona (Spain).
Oral communication: “Environmental Monitoring Program Famar. A scientific project that supports university teaching innovation”. Authors: R. Jiménez-Ramos, L. G. Egea, F. G. Brun, C. Ramírez-Jiménez, J. J. Vergara.
Oral communication: “Famar Environmental Volunteering: From the sea to the classroom”. Authors: L. G. Egea, R. Jiménez-Ramos, C. Ramírez-Jiménez, F. G. Brun, J. J. Vergara.
May 2016 - II Simposio Cintífico de Alumnos de Ciencias del Mar y Ambientales (SACMA). Facultad de Ciencias del Mar y Ambientales de la Universidad de Cádiz.
Oral communication: “Herbivoría en angiospermas marinas”. Authors: R. Jiménez-Ramos, J. J. Vergara, F. G. Brun.
February 2015 - Aquatic Sciences: Global And Regional Perspectives-North Meets South (ASLO). Granada (Spain).
Póster: “Climate change affects leaf palatability in the seagrass Cymodocea nodosa”. Authors: R. Jiménez-Ramos, L. G. Egea, J. J. Vergara, F.G. Brun.
Póster: Playing with a future scenario: response of the seagrass Cymodocea nodosa to the joint action of climate change stressors”. Authors: L. G. Egea, R. Jiménez-Ramos, J. J. Vergara, F.G. Brun.
November 2014 - The 11th International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW11).
Oral Communication: “Palatability of marine macrophytes influenced by tissue properties, diversity and abundance”. Authors: R. Jiménez-Ramos, L.G. Egea, I. Hernández, J. J. Vergara, F.G. Brun.
Oral Communication: “Carbon matabolism and Carbon Sequestration ability of major marine communities in Cadiz Bay (Southern Spain)”. Authors: L.G. Egea, R. Jimenez-Ramos, C. Barrón, J.J. Vergara, I. Hernández, F.G. Brun.
March 2014 - Seagrasses in Europe: Threats, Responses and Management (Marzo 2014). Entidad/grupo organizador: COST ACTION.
Póster: “Resilience in Cymodocea nodosa community under nutrient enrichment” Authors: Brun FG, Jiménez-Ramos R, Mancilla M, Egea LG, González-Ortiz V, Vergara JJ, Perez-Llorens JL.
Oral Communication: “Seasonal variation of carbon metabolism of major marine communities in Cadiz Bay. Authors: Egea LG, Barrón C, Jiménez-Ramos R, Vergara JJ, Hernández I, Brun FG
July 2012 - ASLO Aquiatic Sciences Meeting.
Oral Communication: “Hydrodynamic driven food supply for filter-feeders in fragmentedseagrass landscapes”. Autores: González-Ortiz V, Moreno-Marín F, Jiménez-Ramos R, Egea-Tinoco G, Bouma TJ, G, Pérez-Llores JL, Brun FG.

Supervised/co-supervised student:

“Study of the differences in the resistance and resilience of two coastal benthic communities under the decrease in light levels”. Marine Science Degree. University of Cádiz. September 2018. Student: Noelia Sena Soria.

Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences – University of Cádiz.
Ecology teacher on CEI.Mar Summer Scientific Campus. Cádiz University. July 2017.
Teaching in accredited studies: Marine ecosystems, primary production, marine ecology, oceanogrpahy and limnology. 2014-2016.
2012 – Present - Coordinator of the Volunteer Program “FAMAR” about seagrass conservation in Cadiz bay. Cadiz University, Spain.
Coordinator in activities for school and bachelor about Seagrass and Ocean Conservation.
Tutor in the 1th Edition “Scientist of the Future” - Programa de Acercamiento a la Ciencia (PACE) y Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas del Noroeste (CIBNOR), México.

Collaborator as a lecturer in Biomas Association.
Head of “Association of Oceanographers of Andalucia” (AOA)
Journal referee: International Journal of Hydrology and PlosOne.

Asociación de Investigadores del Mar de Cortés y del Desierto Sonorense (AIMAC).
Next generation sonoran desert researchers (N-GEN).
Red Internacional para la Sostentabilidad de Las Zonas Áridas (CONACyT).

10-2018Workshop: International Workshop about Marine Spatial Planning. The role of the United Nations and the Spanish and Portuguese Experiences: Progress and Next Steps. Organized by the University Research Institute for Sustainable Social Development–INDESS and MarSP–Project in collaboration with International PhD School in Ocean Studies (EIDEMAR) the Master of Integrated Management of Coastal Areas and the Marine Sciences and Environmental Sciences Faculty of Cadiz University. Duration: 12 hours.
07-2018Course: Ecology of the African savanna and its large mammals. Organized by the association for education and conservation Bio-mas. Duration: 11 days.
07-2018Course: Three useful web tools in the classroom: Kahoot, Socrative and Surveyanyplace. Organized by teaching innovation unit of Cadiz University. Duration: 25 hours.
06-2018Course: “First scientific-technical course on quantification of blue carbon in seagrass meadows”. Organized by Center of Avanced Studies of Blanes (CEAB CSIC). Duration: 16 hours.
06-2018Course: “References rating and impact factor and quality indications in academic publications for accreditation and sexenios processes”. Organized by teaching innovation unit of Cadiz University. Duration: 25 hours.
05-2018Course: “Workshop about dynamization of meetings and work groups”. Organized by teaching innovation unit of Cadiz University. Duration: 5.5 hours.
05-2018Course: “Verbal communication techniques in the classroom”. Organized by teaching innovation unit of Cadiz University. Duration: 25 hours.
02-2016Course: “Creativity in the classroom”. Organized by teaching innovation unit of Cadiz University. Duration: 6 hours.
01-2016Course: “Use of stable isotopes in marine ecology”. Organized by International PhD School in Ocean Studies (EIDEMAR). Duration: 50 hours.
01-2016Course: “Transfer of research results to companies. European Projects&rdquo. Organized by teaching innovation unit of Cadiz University. Duration: 5 hours.
11-2015Course: “How to communicate, disseminate and give visibility to our publications through the Internet”. Organized by teaching innovation unit of Cadiz University. Duration: 4 hours.
12-2014Course: “Conservation and sustainable management of marine species and habitats of Andalusia Region (Spain)”. Organized by Chelonia Association and Cadiz Univeristy. Duration: 7 hours.
06-2014Course: “Design of Experiments by Techniques of Multivariate Analysis for the Optimization of Experimental Variables”. Organized by teaching innovation unit of Cadiz University. Duration: 12 hours.
05-2014Course: “Nature photography”. Organized by Cadiz University. Duration: 25 hours.
04-2013Course: “Introduction to Latex”. Organized by teaching innovation unit of Cadiz University. Duration: 8 hours.
02-2012Course: “Multivariate Analysis Techniques with R Software”. Organized by Cadiz University. Duration: 45 hours.

Collaborating student in the Ecology Area in the Biology Department of Cadiz University about projects on seagrass ecosystems (2010-2011). Supervised by Dr. Juan José Vergara Oñate.
Participation in citizen science on online platforms such as INaturalist and Seawatchers.
Online translator (english, spanish and catalan). 2016. Jane Godall Institute.
Participation in Volunteer Program FAMAR. 2006-2012. Cádiz University, Spain.
Boat Captain in Cruz Roja Española. 2008-2009. Cádiz, Spain.
Research: Knowledge in both field and mesocosm experiments about coastal ecology (especially in tropical and temperate seagrass ecosystems). Laboratory experience: Analysis of different variables in seawater (e.g. nutrients, total alkalinity, dissolved organic carbon, oxygen concentration, light intensity). Analysis of physiological, chemical and biomechanical variables in marine macrophytes (e.g. morphology, total proteins, enzyme analysis by electrophoresis, reserve compounds, natural products, biomechanic, coastal production using the Punching and Winkler methods, nutrient uptakes by seagrass).
SCUBA Diving: CMAS 1 Star Diver from Federación Española de Actividades Subacuáticas (FEDAS). 2008.
Recreational Boat Licence. Ministerio de Fomento. Spain Government. 2009.
Computer literacy: Proficiency in R programming language. Literature searching and management (ISI Web of Knowledge, RefWorks, Mendeley). Adobe Photoshop CS6.